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Dear Patient:

Obesity represents a significant health hazard and the National Institute of Health has recommended that it should be treated. Modalities of treatment have been largely ineffective, especially for the long-term maintenance of weight loss. This we feel is due to the notion that obesity is an illness, not unlike hypertension or diabetes. The diabetic needs to receive his medications everyday, all his life to keep his diabetes under control. Likewise, the obese individual needs his treatment everyday, all his life or the obesity will recur and a hazardous "YO-YO" phenomenon will develop.

Different people have varying types and degrees of obesity and their treatment plan may have to be different. We will attempt to construct the best plan for each one of you but our basic philosophy will apply to all. We believe that the reducing diet should be low in calories of course, but you should be able to adapt it easily from family meals or when eating out and it should be of a reasonable cost. Otherwise, you would not put up with it for a long time. This is why we do not suggest liquids and powders and monotonous prepared meals.

We believe that the source of calories is as important as the number of calories and we urge you to greatly reduce the fat and nearly eliminate the simple sugars from your diet. Your diet should not contain more than 15% of the calories from fat. Secondly, we include anorectic medications to help you control your appetite. We urge you to drink large quantities of water and eliminate regular sodas and other sugar drinks. And last, but not least, we urge you to adopt a program of regular, non-strenuous exercise. We believe in educating our patients in the nutritional and caloric values of food and usher them into behavior modification and retrain them in a new set of eating habits. We like our program to be effective and successful so we insist that the patient do their share. We expect their full cooperation, patience and persistence. In turn, we pledge our full support, encouragement and careful follow-up.

Best wishes,

Stem-Ross Weight Loss Center Staff

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